Sex Questions

Why Should We Trust Your Sex Advice?

I may be only 31 years old but the knowledge I have about sex and more importantly relationships speak volumes. I've been cheated on, been the cheater and the secret lover. I've tried many things in bed because I knew I wanted to stand out. I've broken hearts, and have had mine broken on several occassions. My life is all about these very topics. I'm an open book. Read this post and find out just how much i'm willing to share.

Best Sex Shops in NYC?

Stay tuned for an in depth post about this. For now, here's a list:

- The Pleasure Chest

- Narcisse NYC (Brooklyn)

- Babeland


Can We Contact You for Personal Questions?

By all means, if I haven't answered it here. Email me at and I will gladly email you back with tips, advice and anything else you wanna chat about. Do not be afraid to ask me about it. I will answer it.