Movie with a Side of Beer?


Ahhhh Videology. Not a thing is ever wrong here. Great bar, great people and great movies and TV to rent! I hadn't been in a while but returned on Saturday for a film screening of "Brunch: The Movie"  There is a movie theater in the bag with seating and tables. You can bring drinks to the back too. That night before the screening movies from the year 1983 were playing. I assume good times. That movie was amazing by the way but on to the bar...

The bar is medium sized with drinks on tap and draft options as well. The price is right too which is a plus! There is a good amount of seating as well and if your in the mood for food it's totally ok to order something in. In terms of the movies and rentals. You pay a certain amount and get credit towards rentals. There is a very very good collection so you will not be bored thats for certain. If you live in the area its a good alternative if your anti-netflix or something. Do look at their website as they have a listing of what movies will play on what days. It's a real treat if you want a different way to watch a movie and have drink that doesn't include you in your PJ's all day.

It's a great space with very friendly staff. Do go in when you are around and feel like a drink and movie.

NYCAlessa Mieses