The Dreamiest Spots Around NYC for Spring Fling Date Nights

Riverside Park


The best way I can put Riverside Park is this: I have affairs with Riverside, but am in a committed relationship with Central Park.

I go to Riverside mostly for the wonderful view of the Hudson River, and the 72nd st Boat Basinwith all those boats docked. My most favorite place to be at Riverside is the 91st garden. If you’ve seen the movie “You’ve got Mail” starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan you know what i’m talking about. If not it’s a gorgeous garden thats maintained by locals and sometimes the parks dept. Do check it out. Go propose to a girlfriend there or something do it in the spring/summer of course. It looks like shit in the winter. Other than that you won’t really find me here. Although there is plenty else to see so check out the website at the bottom and see EVERYTHING!

I do think because of the view it’s a very romantic place for walks (which I’ve done). A lot of the playgrounds there are amazing as well, plus most times they have working sprinkles (unlike Central Park).

So if you don’t want to do the tourist thing (because they are all in Central Park most times), come here for a quite jog, or see the gardens. It’s pretty.

For more information on the park check out


Came in with an old friend once. It had been a long time since we had a nice dinner and just caught up on life. We decided to get a bottle of wine and after a little bit of a debate we remembered this place (well more so he remember he had all his purchases listed with them and liked a certain bottle). We stepped in and my friend already knew what he wanted I didn’t get to see the label (he’s quick about that).

We waited behind two men who were purchasing plenty of bottle (six or seven if I remember) so we waited a bit. I definitely liked just how organized this place is. It doesn’t stop at red or white but then gets into tastes and what foods are best paired with wines. Very detailed and very easy for people like me who are still learning the art.

The staff were very pleasant we didn’t speak much I inquired a bit about the POS system (I work with a system and am always looking for something better). I’d definitely come back.


  • 321 Amsterdam Ave
  • New York, NY 10023
  • b/t 75th St & 76th St 
  • Phone number (917) 791-7529

 Bar Baresco

I had some time to kill last night before heading to Brooklyn for a concert. I decided to hang out with a friend for a few hours and he suggested this place for a quick drink. It was beautiful outside but also hot so I was glad we stayed inside at the bar. When we got there-there was barely anyone there which I always like because you feel like the place is yours for a bit an intimate atmosphere of sorts. The staff all had the tv’s on to the news which they quickly changed once we sat (I never mind the news but hey to each their own). It was quiet and calm and relaxing all of which I love in the places I go to.

After a brief wait, we were given menus but my friend already knew he wanted Sangria (which is a favorite of mine so I went for it) There was a happy hour deal on them so why not?

After a chat and some spillage on my shirt (thanks for making worry about it all night man!), I asked the bartender if I could charge my phone for a little while and he was nice enough to do so. It was that extra mile that boosted my ultimate score of this place. I like places that accommodate to the people they are serving.

The decor was a site as well the bar is nothing special but when you look at the rest of the place it’s clean as heck and makes you feel like the outside is in and vice versa. There's a huge chalkboard that tells you all the specials going on that day. I have a feeling we’d come in as they were still opening because lots of prep was going on around us from putting out wine glasses and re-stocking the bar but the staff was still nice and didn’t seem upset that we’d come in like some places would. After some more Sangria, we decided to head on out but not before noticing how crowded it got! Definitely, a place I’d like to return to and try some of the food.

  • Address:
  • 191 7th Ave
  • New York, NY 10011
  • 212) 875-2195


Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park:


Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement park is great for kids and adults alike. I’m 25 years old and still love a trip to Coney Island to spend crazy amounts of money for games you most likely aren't going to win. The lines for the other rides are never to long either which is nice. When you come please do hop on the ferris wheel.

A New York City staple the Wonder Wheel is maybe the worlds most famous Ferris wheel. What makes this wheel awesome is that some of the passenger cars aren’t fixed to the wheel so at certain times during the ride those cars slide on the rails which makes it most exciting than a standard ferris wheel.

You’ll also find the arcades, places to buy candy, live music and much more. It’s a great place for the summer and in June there are even fireworks.


  • 3059 Denos Vourderis Place, 
  • Brooklyn, NY 11224
  • (718) 372-2592