What About? Breakfast at Tiffany's

Every girl's dream is to get a blue box from there BF or husband.

I usually come inside knowing I won’t Leave with anything but a dream. I wish that one day I’ll be that girl marrying a guy with decent money and we’d come here to pick out my engagement ring.

See what I did there? The dreaming again.

Anybody wanna be my sugar daddy? I kid I kid I’ve got the greatest of loves and am never looking, but really this place has such a rich history. It would be nuts to not give it the time of day that Tiffany’s so very much deserves.

Props to Tiffany & Co. for keeping it classy for many years.

For more information please visit Tiffany.com


727 5th Ave

New York, NY

 (212) 755-8000‎