The Brooklyn Waterfront



When I am in Brooklyn and its a nice day I like to head to the North Side and get a great view of the Skyline in Manhattan. Something about viewing it on this angle is nice. Your getting the view from the east river so it’s not the view you get in our postcards.

I also love that there is always enough seating to go around and you can bring pets for walks or lay a blanket down to relax on the bits of grass. It’s easily one of my favorite places to relax at. I’d recommend going on a weekday as the are can get crowded on weekends especially with nice weather. I also recommend going to the waterfront area the Williamsburg area or closer to the bridge but thats where everyone goes so again if you don’t want many folks around you try a different area.

For more information on the waterfront and just how far is spans visit the website below: