Parks of New York

Hi Guys & Dolls!

If you’re visiting or even if you were born and raised here you know just how special a lot of these parks are. In the spring and summer, they are some of the most beautiful places to see and experience. So take some time out (on a weekday to avoid crowds if that's your thing of course) and take a walk in one of these gorgeous places. Who knows maybe you’ll see me there!

Ally xox

Washington Square Park:

I’ll admit I’m not around this park often but when I am I absolutely love it. The fountain alone is enough to relax you and make you want to sit and chill. Then you realize you’ve been there an hour and need to go lol.

Seriously is one of the most wonderful parks in the city and it’s near NYU so I always see college kids with textbooks and homework in the park. Guess it’s a good place to do it.

I toss coins into the fountain all the time. Still waiting on that winning lottery ticket.

Union Square Park:

I love this park! Farmers markets, performances, skateboarder, vendors. Not a day goes by when something isn’t happening here in Union Square Park. I like to sit and watch people here sometimes.

I love the design and how big it is. The trees and flower arrangements are nice as well. It’s a great place for a walk on a first date or that marriage proposal you’ve been waiting to do.

Tecumseh Playground:

I used to live right across the street from this playground. I was here when we called it the “wood park” because it used to be completely made of wood before a major renovation that turned it into what you see today.

I loved this park back in the days. I used to attend P.S. 87 and we’d play here for recess. It was great. Except when I got a splinter. Ouch!

The park now has a sprinkler and it’s like a jungle gym looking park now. It was repainted and everything.

This place is great for children. I love coming here and watching kids play.

Prospect Park:

I once went on a wonderful walk in Prospect Park (with an old flame.) We walked from a TD Bank nearby into the park. We saw families having BBQ’s (I hope there was great food) Children playing around with dogs.

I liked the park a lot, I love it even better because he was there (at the time of course.) We saw this calypso band playing nearby and danced a bit, it was so so fun!

It’s easy to get into the park because every train station has an entrance nearby, the only thing I’d say is it needs to be maintained more, but other than that during the day it’s awesome

I’ve never been at night, but I hear the park’s history tells stories of robbery, rape ETC…so as with any park be careful at night…