Oh My Sweets: Cafe Lalo


A girlfriend of mine and I needed a place to unwind and relax after searching for a copy place for her business card. We decided on Cafe Lalo and I’ve never looked back. We were dying for hot chocolate and ordered that plus pieces of cheesecake.

The selection looked amazing (we sat right night to the food and by the way, it’s a bit overcrowded in there you should think about taking some seats out). We didn’t wait too long for everything to come I’d say about 10 mins.

When the hot chocolate came it was topped with two marshmallows AMAZING! a bit sweet but worth it. The cheesecake was really rich as well. It was very soft and the crust was nice.

I will keep coming because I was to try the ENTIRE menu including the tea selection.


201 W 83rd St
New York, NY 10024