The Dreamiest Spots Around New York for Summer Date Nights


Ok so when I was a little girl I took ice skating classes at the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers (I dare you to try and find footage of me in my tutu during our skating shows) We’d have our private lessons in the middle while the public skated around us.

Nowadays I come once in a blue to test myself (you have to always see if you’ve got it in you still) It is not like riding a bike to me you can loose the skill with time. I came in this past winter and after a $21 dollar admission was very happy to get back out there (by the way my right leg isn’t what it used to be). It’s pricy in here so be prepared to spend. This is certainly not a place you’d wanna come to often unless you like not having money.

The rinks themselves are maintained very well and get resurfaced often throughout the day. It will be over crowded it will be loud it will get annoying for those who don’t like children but if your like me with a lot of patience you’ll be just fine here. I’ll definitely be back again (maybe in an adult tutu).


23rd St & Hudson River Park
New York, NY 10011


So you’ve got a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Why not grab a drink or five, talk and have fun. Tom & Jerry’s is a great place to do it. It’s very easy to find (I took the D to Broadway-Lafayette and walked about 3 blocks to Elizabeth st. You’ll find it right there on the corner.

When you first enter the first thing that’ll strike you is the giant moose head to the right side. I loved it and kept staring like a moron at it lol. Also, the bar is huge and very vintage.

Our bartender was super sweet. Nahir and I had several Corona’s and I a huge shot of tequila (I swear it was more like a glass). There are chips and salsa for those who need something in their tummies before or during their drink fest.

The women’s restroom wasn’t bad either. Pretty clean but a tad small. I’d definitely would return back.


288 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 260-5045


Ok so Pazza is literally right next to my old job, so I’d find myself in here with my BFF often for drinks and to flirt with some of the guys who work here (some of them are hot, i’m sorry I can’t help it). I love the 2 for 1 martini special till midnight (is that still there? someone who’s been lately tell me), that would always bring us in. Most times I’d get a Midori Sour though. Nowadays you’ll find me grabbing whatever I fancy on tap while I talk work with friends.

I like the decor of the place, at night it’s really crazy dark in here, and I once tripped over someone for this reason so be careful. It’s got a real “home” feel to it which I always love in places I dine at. You’ll love it here!

The food is pretty good here, not the best I ever had but it’s almost always going to get the job done for you. I loved the little pizzas they have and the pastas are really really good too. The seafood dishes are great (back when I could actually eat them now I can’t lol) as well. Give everything a try.

This is a good spot go there!


1375 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10019