Review: Michael Jordan’s The Steak House NYC

*Restaurant Week Review

So I really wanted to try a few places for RW before it ends this Friday and I chose to give this place a try with Deborah R. I booked a 2:30 reservation for today got a confirmation call the next day and so the day finally came. I have to say I wasn’t dying over anything really.

We got to the steakhouse and checked our coats in (by the way the coat checker is a fabulous Hispanic lady loved her she was uber nice) After asking for the RW menu We were then seated (guys make sure you ask for the RW menu or else they won’t give it to you!!!) Deb and I were so engulfed by our conversation we hadn’t noticed a view things about the service, or shall I say lack of. The waiter we did get was sweet though and took our orders fairly quickly. Deb and I opted for identical choices on the prix fixe menu. We both ordered the Tomato Bisque appetizer, Grilled Skirt Steak as our course (I ordered mind well done because my tummy can’t do rarer options) and finally for dessert a chocolate brownie vanilla ice cream combo (for the life of me can’t remember the name)


We did wait a bit for the Tomato Bisque to arrive but again didn’t notice until I actually thought about it since I was involved with the hilarious conversation I was in. When we did get it I was pleasantly surprised. It was maybe the only thing that was fulfilling about the what we ordered but I’ll get to more of that later. The Tomato Bisque was fantastic. Just the right balance of tomato and cheeses plus a nice addition of croutons for a different texture. They waiter then brought out bread which we then dipped into our Tomato Bisque :-). So we had super high expectations that the meal would continue to be that good. The Grilled Skirt Steak was a bit chewy for me (more than usually considering I expect this because I asked for well done) and it also lacked some flavor. I found myself dipping into the butter provided for the bread on to my steak. Finally the dessert came and it was just OK. The brownie’s crust on top was a little difficult to get my spoon through. It fact most of that brownie was a bit hard. The scoop of ice cream did help a bit.

If I had to come here again I’d pick that Tomato Bisque again but I’d opt for a sirloin for my steak instead and hope it was better. The ambiance was OK as it was Monday and lunch time I feared it would be packed. I was dead wrong as it was very empty. Reviews complaint about the noise also made me nervous but I chalk it up to not being rush time. If I’m ever here after 5 I assume its a different story. The decor was decent. The site claims it’s reflective of how Michael Jordan’s tastes are. Um guys have you see his taste? really? nah.

I’ll give it another shot one day but you won’t see me running to do so.

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