A very good friend of mine asked me to go with him Saturday night and I did. I’d always heard about the tricks that chef’s use how playful it was and how it was great for kids too. When we got there I first noticed just how clean and smooth everything was the decor the ambiance was all very luxurious down on the lower level.

Upstairs was entirely different it felt a tad cramped and since we weren’t a big group we dined with two other groups. The first was a group of 4 who were clearly just in it for the food and nothing more and a couple on a first date (by the way don’t take a first date here come on there's no intimacy at all! and its hella not romantic but that's a whole other thing). Plus the seating can be cramped too maybe a couple fewer tables up there more space might help.


I am allergic to shellfish. He is allergic to mushroom. Why we insisted on the Chef’s Special of Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp for $37 The plan was for me to take the chicken and he’d get the shrimp. Easy right? Well, the guy taking our order didn’t seem pleased about something we couldn’t help you could literally see it in his face. He wasn’t comforting at all.

It also didn’t help that the chef had to point directly at me and let everyone know he was cooking the chicken first instead of the shrimp just for me (or as the rest of the table though because of me) I became enemy number one I felt for something I couldn’t help. The chefs special was pretty easy to cook and maneuver so that I’d be ok but I didn’t need the spectacle for it. Just do the best you can and call it a day.


The rice was great as was the zucchini and onions. The chicken felt a tad dry and found myself dipping into the ginger or mustard sauce often but it wasn’t all bad and I ate a lot of it. The chef was nice and the tricks were fun but I could tell a bit dated not one soul at that table including my friend and I (i’d occasionally look but was more into our conversation) didn’t care much for the tricks and more about when he’d be done cooking so they could eat.

The couple next to us were pretty impatient about getting their food too as they kept complaining they had somewhere to be  (totally felt bad he waited longer for his shrimp because of me by why the heck did you take her to a place where you’ve gotta know it would be a bit before people got their food?) So it was all just ok. I feel like if I ever go back it would be such a problem for people. So I’ll think about it. Everything is good but it wasn’t an incredible experience for me.


47 W 56th St

New York, NY 10019

(212) 581-0930