Best Places to See Live Music

Mercury Lounge

Easily one of the best places I love to drink, hear music and just hang out. It’s dirty in a good way.

First time I was here was to see Miike Snow and The Maccabees. It was an awesome show. I had so much fun with my girlfriend. I’ll never forget it. I’ve been back several times now for other shows and that same excitement is always present with this venue. It’s so small and intimate its hard not to start digging a band when you’re super close to them! Do catch a show here sometime its a super fun place and great for a hangout with friends!


217 East Houston St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 260-4700

Highline Ballroom

I came here to see the “Hell on Heels” Tour with Von Iva, Nico Vega & Semi-Precious Weapons back in 2010. I also saw The Roots there when they were doing week-long shows house shows. Amazing shows on both nights. I didn’t wait in line long for either show and Coat check was a breeze. It’s a great venue in terms of how I heard the music which is very important.

After I get in usually you’ll find me going straight for the bar (what New Yorker doesn’t). The bar is kind of small, but you're there for a show not really to drink too much. It’s a great amount of space and even has seating areas.
If you ever see a show there, it’s really fun.


431 W 16th St
New York, NY 10011


I absolutely love when I get tix to see anything here. I firmly believe that in most seating areas depending on how the stage is laid out you can see pretty well from just about anywhere you sit.

The only thing that ever pissed me off was the prices on food and drinks. Get ready to spend a boatload, and it’s not like you can sneak anything in. Once I tried with a soda and they took it from it at bag check (need to hide it better next time lol).

It’s been around forever and it’s a staple in NYC. I’ve been to music shows, basketball games and in the smaller theatre, they have as well.
Its layout is pretty easy to get the hang of so your sure never to really be lost anywhere.


7th Ave & 32nd St
New York, NY 10001