Best Diner: Malibu Diner



I’d been here before with Karen right before a concert, but I’d forgotten to review it. A year and change later (last night) as my good friend John and I were trying to decide where to eat (right before seeing a comedy show that our good friend was performing in) I remembered this place because I had had a Delicious bacon omelet. So awesome that I remembered it.

We checked out the menu and found it affordable. Went in and were seated. We were so busy conversation about a lot of different things I think the waiter was getting antsy trying to take our order (John joked he was scared of me lol). Before the order was placed the waiter asked if I wanted to have something to drink. I asked him what they had, and I got this look of ‘Oh My no ones asked me this before’ (again John said I scared the shit out of him). I opted for a soda and John stayed with his water. By the way, he placed my soda towards the edge of the table with soda all over the glass leaking to the table. Not flattering. Lost the first star there.

Finally, the order was placed John wanted a BLT, and I, of course, being in a diner will be the person having breakfast food at 7:30 pm. Bacon Omelet for me, please!.

About 25 minutes in I noticed we still had not gotten our food. I made a joke to John about it and almost as if they heard me our food arrived (this same thing would happen again with our check and loss of the second star). I can’t tell you how he’s BLT is because I didn’t try it but John did say he enjoyed it so it counts for something. My bacon omelet came with toast and a side of potatoes. The bacon in my omelet wasn’t cooked to my liking. I usually like them really well done. This was my own fault as I didn’t tell them to do that so I’m not complaining.

The seating was nice but felt a bit stuffy, and your close to a lot of people which can bother. I found the Guido in the tracksuit speaking loudly highly annoying but again it’s my own thing. The decor is nice and I like that the TVs are on stations like CNN (I’m a nerd).

I would come here again it’s an affordable dinner and the portions are good enough that you will feel full with little money. Our bill was about $22 in all which isn’t all that bad.