NYC: Transit Guide

Chambers Street Subway Station:

Very old school. Very much in need of renovation or if it’s been some in the past ten years they need to be better maintained. It’s also a bit of a maze and I often get a little overwhelmed with the station.

It’s one of the oldest stations so I give it it’s props just no one complain when I falling tile hits your head or something. I kid but really there have been some renovations so it’s a work in progress.

The F Train:

The F train got me to school and gets me down to the SoHo area and gets me to parts of Brooklyn. It just gets me where I need to go. I usually never had an issue with overcrowding as the crowd disburses between the B, D or V pretty evenly enough. Whenever I visit the BF at work you’ll find me on this train or the B/D.

34th st. Herald Square Subway Station:

Man!!!! This station is a zoo all hours of the day. Between the tourists wanting to see the area the shoppers who don’t know better the business folks the people trying to get to the Path train it’s a ZOO! I will say one good thing about this station is it connects to the Manhattan Mall AKA Pretty much a JC PENNY. So you can head right into the store from the station.

Too much is going on and it can get very irritating to one who doesn’t know the area or where they are going.

Union Square Station:

It’s a maze. You go in thinking your closer to one train and are actually closer to another. I used to be at this station a lot to get the L train when heading to Brooklyn and Queens (this train runs on the BK/Queens border of sorts).

It’s always busy because so many trains run through here and it is massive in size. So if you don’t know where your going looks up at the signs. They really do help you when you need them too.

At this station, you can catch the 4,5,6, N,R,Q, and L trains.

Lexington Ave. 59th st. Station Complex:

You’ve got to kind of expect the madness of the 6 train during the rush hours. It’s the only line that’s around, and my lazy butt just doesn’t want to walk to the west side for a train. So I deal with the overcrowded madness. I deal with the tourists who are lost half the time. I deal…We are New Yorkers…we deal. So many lines run around here which makes it even more of a challenge.

On rainy days this station is gross….most stations are but this one takes the cake. There's a smell on rainy days…ugh.

The J Train:

The J train gets you to Marcy Ave (close to Bedford ave. for those wanting to head to the heart of Williamsburg). It’s a turbulent ride also as my head always bangs into the wall on certain parts of the track. You deal with it really. Not my favorite train. I barely experience crowds as most people take the L to head to Williamsburg so it becomes my line just for that reason. Why be like everyone else? Plus there are plenty of things to see on the south side rather than the north.

Have a look and safe travels along the MTA system!

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NYCAlessa Mieses