City Guide: la

As a native New Yorker, you have certain ideas about the west coast. You begin to think about all those "myths" the "they are so laid back over there" or the "they have the best tacos". You get excited because it's different. It's unlike what you are used to. Take a look at some of my, and my friends favorite places to eat, drink & more in L.A.

Ally xox


Travel: Los Angeles

There was a sense of calm and relaxation when we got there. I peg it to getting there during a long weekend. We went to a Farmer's Market and later on in the day thanks to one of my closest most amazing friends Elaine we visited the Art District. That was all day one! We knew we'd gotten ourselves into a very busy vacation after that first night. So many friends and family came out of the woodwork and asked for time. Not everyone got it and I apologize heavily for it. This vacation. This experience this was for my boyfriend and I and we chose how we wanted it to be.


Colorful California

What a joy it was on my birthday to not only be in California but to be in able to travel to Santa Monica Pier and take in all the smells of salt and the Pacific ocean (something I thought I'd personally never see). I got to see all the wonders of LA too and it's incredible art.

The art scene over on the west coast is a lot more accepting of things like graffiti and murals. New York officials would have half of what I saw painted over by now with nothing original to replace it.



Patterns in LA

In my last outfit post from good old LA, I decided on showcasing this outfit. I previously talked about the polka dot blouse but now I'd like to get more in-depth about just what I'm wearing. It was only a few days into the trip when Armand and I decided to take a few outfit photos. I'd brought so many clothes with me it was unreal. I wanted something fun but still wearable. I decided on this polka dot blouse from Ellos. You all know I love me some Ellos. It fits a bit on the looser side which was great for the warm LA days when I needed air in between my body.