Travel: Atlantic City

Atlantic City is easy to get to for the east coasters who sometimes just don't want to deal with the baggage that comes with traveling to Vegas. I've been a few times now and I do love it so. Take out how creepy it could be in the wee hours if you aren't around the hotels and casinos (I'm talking the actual city) and you've got a great place for couples to shop and win some money have intimate time together or for friends looking to let off steam grab some burgers and beer and party the weekend away.

AC got hit well by Sandy and still needs a bit of a boost to get itself back up. On the boardwalk you'll see some business who decided to stick it out and some who just couldn't hold up and closed for good. You'll see a sturdier boardwalk and workers checking for anything weak constantly. During the week isn't as lively as the weekends but that's when I love AC the most. Those who've followed my reviews over the years know I just can't be around to many people. I get uncomfortable so weekdays it is. 


You've got everything you need for a good time you've got bars all over and the casinos with various card games and slot and more. There is fast food everywhere too. Walk the boardwalk and walk the outlets and unwind and relax a bit. It's always a good time. 

If you're going from NYC take the bus it's very inexpensive to get there plus some lines will give you vouchers to play slots in various casinos. I got a $25 voucher from Bally's and in total between my boyfriend and I we won like $60 bucks so are bus tickets almost paid for themselves. 


So go! have a good time! drink a lot maybe win some money! Help out the businesses