Take the Jitney Instead!

I Love the Little Guy!

Jitney's are minibuses that pretty much take you to every casino in AC. Especially the Borgata and the Harrah's which are two miles away (take these rather than the Total Rewards Shuttle). It's $2.25 a small price but it's really convenient and they run really frequently. 

I'm a New Yorker so I didn't mind the buses being a little bit on the dirty side (hello have you seen our subway) and sits a little on the 'not so firm' side.

The drivers are SUPER friendly. They'll have conversations with you, help you get to the right resort if needed. It's really nice. They've been around since 1915 so almost 100 years of service is incredible and deserves a great review.



Boy did these guys get an upgrade! Whew! they're all fancy huh? lol I love it every things upgraded. When I was last here they were a tad dated not very comfortable but now there is better seating and more space and the outside is completely different there are big lighted up signs now showing you the numbers of the jitneys (and if you look at the jitney guide at the stops you'll know which buses go to which hotels) and they are different colors from when I last saw them too! all white/green and snazzy. 

Plus it's still $2.25! I swore it would have been more when I saw all these upgrades but nope! still $2.25! it's nice to know they were able to keep the price down thats very good. Love these guys!