Atlantic City Beach & Boardwalk

I'm shocked no ones given the boardwalk higher stars. I'd think with all it's rich history it deserved a little more. It was my first time in AC and on the second day of the trip I knew for sure that the day would be devoted to the boardwalk.

When we first got there we got on the boardwalk through Trump Plaza. It was raining a little at first we made a few stops did some sightseeing. By the time we got around to Bally's the rain was coming down REALLY HARD to the point where streets were flooding. It was knee deep at some areas and we ended up staying inside Bally's for almost 2 hours because of it! lol great times.


Everything about the boardwalk was great from the Korean War memorial to the Boardwalk Hall, and the beach looked amazing. I wish we could have gone in but with the weather, it was just too much to deal with. The carnival near the Taj Mahal was awesome to look at as well. 

There's everything you need to have a fun-filled day and we sure did.

Still, love the smell of the salt water. Still, love how quiet and peaceful the boardwalk gets. I love being able to get to casinos with ease. I don't really walk the beach itself all the times I've been here happened to be during the winter but one day when it gets warmer for sure I'll really get in there. Come and support the businesses who stayed after Sandy. It's incredible how so many bounced back and the boardwalk cleans up well.