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Here you'll find some of my favorite posts.


Casual Beach Top Featuring PREMME:

You all know of my love of PREMME, and when they recently had a blowout sale I couldn't pass up the chance at getting some of my favorite pieces. I was wary about this tank because it's more revealing than I would have liked. I recently decided to love my body and really devote myself to self-love, and so I bought the tank and I wore the heck out of it on this beach! It's super soft to the touch and is very stretchy. I purchased a 1 (16 in PREMME sizing) and while it stretched just fine since I'm heavy chested it didn't come down much.


My First Bikini Outing featuring Ellos

We got to the beach and after some other shots for other posts, I decided it was time. I took off what I had on and guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED. Not one soul looked at me with judgment and not one soul said anything to me. Everyone had gone about their lives. I could have run around with my boobs all over the place and still wouldn't have gotten a look. At the beach who really cares right?


Sporty Casual featuring GAP

So here it is, proof that I do indeed can get casual if I wanted to. Once in a while, you'll spot me in something this casual out of the need to feel comfortable. Thanks to my friends at Ellos for this super colorful, very comfortable Graphic Sequin Tee. I love a vibrant color and to pair it with my new favorite jeans by GAP, well that's just a win in my eyes. I purchased these amazing Mom Jeans from them not too long...




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